Advanced Simulator Flight Training for Professionals

SimCheck International is an insurance-approved, simulator-based flight training facility providing the aviation community with high-quality simulator-based training services and a cost-effective alternative to aircraft-based flight training options.

Advanced Simulator Flight Training for Professionals

Our training philosophy sets the standard for our industry. We teach insurance-approved programs that help you to achieve proficiency in addition to currency. We include academic training to refresh knowledge of regulations, AIM, TERPS, and CFIT. SimCheck uses Precision Flight Controls, Inc. (PFC) simulators that emulate many singles, twins, and jets in frequent use today. Our specialty is creating and delivering unique flight training solutions tailored specifically to the pilot’s or company’s needs. We believe FOCUSED TRAINING PRODUCES SAFE FLYING.

Training Built To Meet Your Specific Requirements

SimCheck International builds training designed to match your type of flying. We meet with and get to know pilots who train with us in order to understand their needs. The information you provide regarding your aviation background and experience helps us evaluate your training needs. The resulting training will be a step above what you are accustomed to. Learn how by clicking on SCHEDULE TRAINING.

High Time Licensed Instructors

Elevate your flying skills to a proficient level and become a competent and confident pilot! Our instructors have many thousands of hours of line and instructional experience and a variety of aircraft and simulators. SimCheck instructors regularly teach tasks and maneuvers in the simulator that are not suitable for the aircraft. Regardless of your current level of aeronautical experience, SimCheck International provides a tailored training solution based on your experience, needs and objectives. Attain and maintain a higher level of competency—practice normal and emergency procedures, learn GPS avionics or advanced cockpit automation.

Owner Operators/Corporate Flight Departments

SimCheck specializes in training solutions for professional pilots with unique requirements. Our main line of training involves professional crews with unique crew training requirements. Academic courses are taught by well qualified instructors employing modern training aids. SimCheck curriculum is designed as LOFT – style training and incorporates advanced concepts such as crew resource management, approach and landing accident reduction, and upset recovery/stall training. SimCheck International will evaluate your flight training needs and develop a customized curriculum and pricing structure that meets your training requirements at competitive rates.

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