Transition Training

Turboprop or Jet

Jet 4 days / Turboprop 3 days

This course is designed for the experienced high-performance piston single or twin-engine pilot who is upgrading to a turboprop or jet aircraft. If you are planning a career in aviation, preparing to purchase a turbine-powered aircraft including a VLJ, or if you only want to learn advanced skills for more advanced aircraft, we provide the core training you need to prepare for the turbine-powered level.

We focus your training on the critical differences that distinguish Piston Twin, Turboprop, and Jet Aircraft. Our King Air, B1900, or Cessna Citation-based transition training will prepare you for the procedures and speeds that go with the new challenges. The course includes 10 hours of academics and 8 hours in the simulator. The curriculum contains detailed turbine systems information designed for the pilot new to turbines. Simulator King Air training provides insurance approved curriculum designed to ensure the client pilot masters the aircraft using the manufacturer’s approved procedures. We present the training in a friendly and flexible setting, featuring modern multi-media presentations by seasoned instructors with vast line and training experience.

Upon completion of this course, the pilot will be prepared to commence supervised operation of King Air C90 or Cessna Caravan Aircraft based on insurance requirements. The pilot will have a very good understanding of turbine aircraft and a mastery of the flying skills needed to operate the aircraft using the manufacturer’s procedures. Jet Transition candidates will be well prepared to undergo Type training.


  • Turbine Engine Basics
  • Turboprop or Jet Engine Types
  • Normal and Emergency Procedures & Limitations
  • Performance Differences – Piston to Turboprop or Piston to Jet
  • Aircraft Systems and Performance and Wt & Balance (King Air or Caravan)
  • Performance Planning Problem
  • Local familiarization and airwork simulator training, local repetitive instrument departures, and approaches with at least 2 LOFT style simulator training flights.

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