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Advantages of training with SimCheck!

Advantages of
training with SimCheck!

Advance your flying skills, practice critical action emergency procedures, achieve a higher level of proficiency and become a safer, more confident pilot! Regardless of your current level of flying experience, SimCheck International provides a tailored training solution with an appropriate flying challenge. We design training based on your individual needs and objectives. We provide insurance-approved training that gets you proficient, not just current. Attain and maintain a higher level of competence, learn GPS avionics and advanced cockpit automation and industry accepted crew procedures.

Comprehensive Training Produces Safer Pilots

One size does not fit all. We tailor training to the needs of our client pilots. Whether you need a comprehensive review with systems or just one-day brush up, we will work with you to meet your needs. You will become proficient while training on challenging instrument procedures. The level of challenge is specifically tailored to your needs. We train many professional pilots as well as pilots of lesser experience.

Our clients include FAA designated examiners, Airline pilots, Air Tanker Pilots, Military Pilots, Corporate Pilots and others. You will develop competence flying advanced instrument procedures in either a single pilot or crew environment. We craft training to facilitate learning at your competence level regardless of your current level of aeronautical experience. SimCheck International will provide you with a custom-tailored training solution designed to meet your specific needs and objectives. Our insurance-approved programs will get you proficient, not just current. Attain and maintain a higher level of competency— flying advanced instrument procedures while practicing normal and emergency procedures.

Exceptional Value

Receive the same high-quality flight training as the “big name” providers and become a safer, more confident pilot at a fraction of the cost! Piston, Turboprop or Jet—single engine Cessna to Boeing 737. SimCheck training programs are geared for optimal learning success and maximum cost-effectiveness.

One-On-One, Personalized Training

Regardless of your current level of aeronautical experience—zero time to ATP, SimCheck can help you attain and maintain a higher level of proficiency. Our one-on-one training programs are custom-tailored to your specific needs and training objectives.

Instructors With Thousands of Hours - Line and Instructional Experience

The quality of your flight instruction is only as good as the quality of your instructor. SimCheck instructors stopped “building time” many years ago. They enjoy teaching and are exceptionally qualified professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your aviation goals. SimCheck International has the knowledge and expertise to challenge your flying skills and train you to a higher level of performance and competence.

Insurance Approved

SimCheck offers insurance-approved initial and recurrent training for piston, turboprop and jet aircraft, as well as advanced proficiency training for technically advanced avionics (G1000, GNS430/530). Each recurrent training program incorporates a thorough experience in normal, abnormal and emergency flight conditions in addition to a comprehensive review of aircraft systems, weather, and FAR/AIM. Contact SimCheck International for more information regarding approved courses.

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