SimCheck Specialty Courses

SimCheck Customized Specialty Courses

SimCheck International offers highly customized advanced flight training for owner-operators or corporate flight departments. For more information regarding the content of these advanced courses, please contact SimCheck International:

  • Initial and Recurrent Training
    • Beechcraft King Air Courses (B200, C90, F90, BE1900 Type Prep)
    • Cessna 400-Series Courses (C414, C421)
  • Basic and Advanced GPS Navigation
    • Avionics Familiarization and Training
      • Garmin GNS 430/530W
      • Garmin G1000W
    • Automation Proficiency Training
  • Basic and Advanced Training Concepts
    • Private Pilot Preparation Course
    • Single Pilot Operations (SPO)
    • Airport Operations/Runway Incursion Avoidance
    • Light Aircraft Upset Familiarization
    • Risk Management/ADM
    • Advanced VFR Approach and Landing Techniques
    • Mountain Flying
  • Multi-Crew Cockpit Procedures
    • Cockpit Resource Management (CRM)
    • Transition to Jet
    • Transition to Turboprop (B200)
    • Advanced Cockpit Automation (Automation Competency)
    • Approach and Landing Accident Reduction (ALAR)
    • Abnormal Procedures / Emergency Maneuvers Training (EMT)
    • High Altitude Operations Familiarization
    • Upset Recovery (UPRT) & Stall Training
    • Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Familiarization (RVSM)
  • Owner Operators/Flight Departments
    • Crew Procedures Training
    • Insurance Screening (industry-approved)
    • Contract Training
    • Pre-Hire Evaluations (pilot candidate screenings)
  • Airline Interview Prep

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