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SimCheck International

SimCheck International LLC provides simulator-based flight training solutions to the air transport, business, and general aviation industries. SimCheck trains pilots of all experience levels and utilizes advanced simulator technology to train pilots to optimum proficiency and competency. SimCheck was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. In September 2010 Mark Kutch and Juan G Mendez began training operations at SimCheck. Mark has over 30 years in the Airline world and provides us with the perspective of Air Carrier Operations. Mark also spent over 3 years working with Precision Flight Controls on simulator engineering, test, and development. Juan’s background includes over 40 years in Military and Corporate flying, with experience in Flight Training and Operations, and Command and Leadership roles. Mark and Juan were drawn together by a strong mutual belief that the industry needed training extending well beyond the cookie-cutter approach. SimCheck creates tailored training scenarios that can best be conducted in a simulator and then applied in the aircraft.


We believe our mission is to provide our clients with a world-class training experience. We strive to teach, share experience, and engage in reciprocal learning with pilots in an environment that provides them the opportunity to be safer, more knowledgeable, and unerringly proficient in the safe operation of their aircraft. SimCheck International is committed to training in a flexible learning environment using immersive flight simulation as a platform for training pilots whose lives and livelihoods depend on core and advanced flying skills. We believe that strengthening our clients’ risk management ability through the challenge of training elicits each pilot’s best effort during training.

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