Flight Simulator Training

Instrument Proficiency Check Preparation* (2 - Day)

The objective of this course is to fully prepare you for an Instrument Proficiency Check oral and practical exam. This is an intensive instrument flying course and employs a wide variety of IFR approaches and situations. The program is meant to strengthen your academic knowledge and instrument procedural and  flying skills, regardless of your recency of experience or proficiency.

This FITS-compliant 2-day course includes approximately 4 hours of simulator time and 4 - 6 hours of academics:

  • “Legacy” Instrument Approaches (round dial)
  • GPS Approaches (including WAAS)
  • Holding,  procedure turns,  cross country operations
  • High Density Traffic/Mountainous Airports
  • FARs Review
  • SIDs, STARs and Departure Procedures
  • ATC Communications and Procedures

The instrument time and procedures performed under this program are loggable for  61.57(c) recency requirements. Your instructor will tailor each training session to meet your individual needs.

*Simcheck International currently does not conduct Instrument Proficiency Checks. When the pilot so elects, Simcheck International will arrange for an IPC to be administered by an Authorized Instructor or Designated Examiner. The IPC will be administered by an instructor or Designated Examiner not administering under the auspices of Simcheck International during the period of the Instrument Proficiency Check. When the IPC is conducted using an AATD, tasks which by regulation, cannot be completed in an AATD, (circling approach & landing from straight-in or circling approach) must be completed in an appropriate level Flight Simulation Training Device, (FSTD) or aircraft.