Flight Simulator Training

Basic Instrument Refresher (1- Day)

If you need a basic instrument review, this course reviews must know instrument procedures and knowledge needed to operate safely under IFR in the National Airspace System. Reviews basic essentials and strengthens both knowledge and proficiency. Instrument time and procedures loggable for  61.57(c) recency requirements. 

  • “Legacy”  Instrument Approaches
  • GPS Approaches (Including WAAS)
  • FARs Review
  • DP’s, SIDs, STARS  and ATC Communications

If you haven’t flown instruments recently and would like to practice a variety of approaches with instructor assistance, this program is ideal. Completion of our Basic Instrument Refresher Course will improve your scan and increase your confidence when conducting IFR operations. The Basic Course can be combined with our Advanced Instrument Refresher for a comprehensive 4-day review.