Flight Simulator Training

Advanced Instrument Refresher (3 - Day)

If you’ve been looking for an in-depth instrument review, this is the course for you. Not simply a re-hash of the fundamentals, this program is designed for the pilot who wants a comprehensive review of instrument procedures  and an immersive IFR experience that challenges and broadens  his/her flying skills and knowledge. Utilizing a broad range of IFR approaches and situations, this program will truly test your knowledge and instrument flying skills, regardless of your current level of experience or proficiency. Our FITS-compliant Advanced Instrument Refresher Course is a three day program that includes 6 hours of simulator time and 4 - 6 hours of academics. You’ll be exposed to a wide range of IFR procedures and operational situations:

  • “Legacy” Instrument Approaches (round dial)
  • GPS Approaches (including WAAS)
  • Procedure turns, Missed Approaches and Holding
  • Low Visibility Taxi and Night Instrument Conditions
  • Cross Country Operations
  • High Density Traffic/Mountainous Airports
  • FARs Review
  • SIDs, STARs and Departure Procedures
  • ATC Communications and Procedures

This is not a “one-size-fits-all” program –each course is custom tailored to match your current level of proficiency and experience.  Instrument time and procedures are loggable for 61.57(c) recency requirements. This course is suitable for pilots operating all types of aircraft- single engine, multi-engine, recip, turboprop or jet.